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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you’ll find the answers below

What is required to play?

To use Pixicade,you must have a phone or tablet with a camera(Android 6.0 or later, iPhone iOS 9.0 or later), stable WiFi, the Pixicade set and app, and your imagination! The Pixicade app is available for Amazon Fire tablets. If you have an Amazon kids device, you will need download the Pixicade app through the amazon parent portal.

Does the Pixicade come with a device?

No, the Pixicade box kit does not come with a device.

What are the system requirements to run the Pixicade App?

iOS 9.0 version or above 

Android 6.0 or higher 

Pixicade app is available for Amazon Fire tablets. 

5 mega pixel camera or better 

Stable internet connection 

How do I get started?

Download the Pixicade app from either the Apple App Store , Google Play Store, or amazon app store (via parent portal) onto your device.  

When opening the app, it will ask you to create an account. Enter your email, select a username and avatar, enter your age*, accept the terms of service, and click the “Create” button.  

The app will ask if you have a Pixicade box, click “yes” and scan the QR code that is on your instruction sheet. 

*If you entered an age under 13, you will need to complete the email approval process to unlock the “Create” button.  

It’s asking me to pay $.99 to unlock sharing. What is this for?

This charge is only applicable for users under 13 and is required to comply with federal COPPA law. In order to protect your child and make sure that a parent is aware that the child is sharing their content, “verifiable parental consent” is required and there are very strict restrictions on what qualifies as verifiable parental consent. Pixicade satisfies this legal requirement through an in-app purchase. The $.99 purchase also provides an additional 100 game creations!

How many devices can I put Pixicade on?

The Pixicade kit comes with 2 QR codes. You can scan the QR codes to unlock the full app on 2 different accounts, or you can scan both codes on one account to double the game creation count.

What happens if I use all of my game creations?

You can use an in-app purchase to buy one of the following options: 

50 Games for $.99 

300 Games for $4.99 

750 Games for $9.99 

In what countries is Pixicade available?

Pixicade is currently available in the US and Canadian App stores. Stay in touch for exciting news on our international launches!

What is the recommended age range for Pixicade?

Pixicade is listed as 6+ “with help”, and 10+ “I got this”! 

We’ve found that 6–10-year-olds may need help taking the photos, reading through the guidebooks, etc., but 10+ enjoy working independently.  

Is there an ongoing fee to use Pixicade?

No, there are no subscription fees to use Pixicade. Each box comes with 2 QR codes that allow you to create 800 games each. Once you use all of those, you can purchase more game creations through in-app purchases.  

The only other charge you may incur is an optional $.99 in-app purchase to enable children under 13 to share their games and get an additional 100 games. This charge is only applicable for users under 13 and is required to comply with federal COPPA law.  

Is the app chromebook compatible?

The app is available for Android devices and should work on most Chromebooks. We recommend double checking the google play store on your device for the app availability to be certain.

Will this work on an amazon fire tablet?